Free as a bird for which there are no frontiers, which from summer to summer follows the sun in endless striving for perfection.

A perfection which consists in being between the author and his reader, or between two interlocutors, to disappear, dissolve, and become so invisible that they speak with one another without noticing the intermediary, conducting a lively and natural conversation, sharing thoughts and understanding each another as if they were not separated by thousands of kilometres, the boundaries of civilization, the borders of culture and the stereotypes of their social systems. Free and invisible.

“It is easier to teach everyone a second language than to build a machine capable of translating”
“What is lost in the good or excellent translation is precisely the best”
“Translation is very much like copying paintings”
“Malheur aux faiseurs de traductions littérales, qui en traduisant chaque parole énervent le sens”
“Translation is at best an echo”
“Перевод всегда похож на оригинал в лучшем случае как изнанка ковра на лицо”
“Переводы как женщины: если верны, то некрасивы, а если красивы, то неверны”
“Переводчики – почтовые лошади просвещения”
“Перевод – это автопортрет переводчика”
“El original es infiel a la traducción”
“Переводчик в прозе – раб, переводчик в стихах – соперник”
“Traduire, c’est trahir”
“Переведи, переводчик, слова на язык ночи, на диалект тучи, или травы на лугу...”

Together with a group of freelance translators and interpreters we translate texts, provide interpreting, proofread and correct translations and offer language courses.


English, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Polish, Belarusian

We translate general literature, business texts and legal documents, and also technical texts (instructions, user manuals, etc.) to the highest professional standards. The quality of translation is guaranteed thanks to the use of the most modern methods for checking the consistent use of terminology and quality control. Every translation is mandatorily checked by a second translator who is a speaker of the target language. Translations are accepted and prepared with consideration for the Terms and Conditions of the Dutch Association of Interpreters and Translators. We are guided in our activities by the translator’s professional code.


English, French, Dutch <-> Russian and Belarusian

An interpreter provides the possibility for speakers who do not speak one another’s language to hold a conversation and understand each other as well as if they were speaking in one and the same language. Therefore, the aim of interpreting consists in the fullest possible transmission of the content of a conversation or presentation in the actual given circumstances. The interpreter’s task is also to avoid or rectify possible misunderstandings arising during communication, including those caused by cultural differences. The interpreter acts as a neutral person, respects the private and professional interests of his client, and observes the confidentiality of information obtained while fulfilling his responsibilities.

Proofreading & Correction

English, French, Dutch -> Russian and Belarusian

In conformity with the quality standard for translation services (EN-15038) adopted by the European Commission for Standardisation, every translation should be proofread by a second translator, which guarantees a high quality of translation thanks to double checking. Proofreading is carried out by a native translator of the target language who speaks the language of the original at a professional level. During proofreading a check is performed for conformance of the translation according to the following criteria: accuracy and precision, correctness of language (grammar, orthography, style), correspondence to the target audience, consistent use of terminology, and use of terminology adopted by the client company. We proofread texts in the following language pairs:

Language Courses

Russian, French, Dutch

Everyone masters a foreign language in their own way. Before instruction begins, a determination is made as to what goals you wish to achieve. On the basis of our knowledge and experience, we recommend that beginners use a study method under which a large part of the studies are carried out under the guidance of an instructor. Clear and correct mastery of materials at the commencement of study is a mandatory condition for successful advancement. The instructor compiles an individual study programme based on the level and requirements of students. We offer language courses both for individuals and also for corporate clients. Lessons can be taken individually or in groups.

About Elena

I wanted to be a translator from childhood.


In those times, when the very word ‘translator’ smelled somewhat decadent, unreal, almost fantastic, and was in no way associated with a serious and highly-required profession, I was fascinated by the sounds of a foreign language and my head span from the possibility of understanding others’ thoughts and conveying them to others. I wanted to be a translator when at the Translation Faculty of the Minsk Institute for Foreign Languages they only accepted (according to an unwritten rule) male entrants. A democratic wind broke into the prim office of the rector when he, having spoken with a timid provincial girl (gold medal, three diplomas in foreign languages and a steely stubbornness in her eyes), signed a note to the acceptance board to ‘Take her as an exception’.
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About Elena

Elena Harleman was born in Belarus. She completed secondary school with a gold medal. While studying in the senior classes at school she participated with success in the school Olympiads for French, Russian and Belarusian languages.
In 1991 she won first place in the Nesvizh Regional School Olympiad for Belarusian, second place in the Minsk Regional School Olympiad for Russian, and third in the Republic’s Olympiad for French. In 1990 she was rewarded for coming first in the Republic's Olympiad for French with a trip to France under the ‘Connaissance de la France’ programme. A series of essays by Elena on her trip were published in the ‘Chirvoni stsyag’ Nesvizh regional newspaper.
Elena is a graduate of the Translation Faculty of the Minsk State Linguistic University (French and English) and holds a diploma with distinction and an academic masters degree in humanities.
After graduation from higher education, Elena combined her translation work with full-time posts in non-governmental organisations and commercial corporations, including National Centre for Strategic Initiatives ‘East-West’ and IBM Ireland. In 1997-1999 she taught translation in the Department of Romance Languages of the Translation Faculty at the Minsk State Linguistic University. Since 2003 she has devoted herself completely to translation work.

Elena continually works to improve her qualifications and broaden her professional capabilities. Thus, in 1998-1999 she completed a placement at the European Commission, at the Bureau of Official Publications of the European Community, in Brussels, and over the last decade has studied Polish (‘Lingua Mundi’ Institute of Foreign Languages in Warsaw), Dutch (Regional Education Centre in Utrecht), Arabic (Centre for Arabic Culture at the Egyptian Embassy in Warsaw), and German (People's University of Bentheim District, Nordhorn, Germany). In 2008-2009 she completed courses for users of the Trados 2007 program at the advanced level of complexity in Utrecht. She received the ‘Translator’s Workbench Certificate – Level 3 Certification’. In July-August 2010 she took an advanced training course in French language and Belgian francophone literature at Brussels University (ULB). Elena is member of the Union of Translators of Russia and the Dutch Association of Interpreters and Translators (NGTV).

If you have any questions or if you would like to enquire about a translation, please contact us:

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